"DiCentral has been great to work with. With each trading partner, we have had unique challenges, but DiCentral has stepped up to the plate and been incredibly proactive, going well above and beyond what should be expected and even making EDI pleasant. DiCentral's responsiveness to all of our questions and issues has been outstanding. We are extremely happy with the work performed by DiCentral and would recommend them to anyone."

Branin Lippincott, IT Director TDBBS, LLC.

"When Ampro Forest Products Inc.'s trading partners requested EDI, none of us knew what Electronic Data Interchange was. We therefore turned to DiCentral and their expertise to handle EDI and the integration to our ERP, SYNERGYTEK, by Group LCM. EDI was a brand new business requirement for us and I personally knew nothing of it. The learning curve was steep, but working with DiCentral's team was extremely simple and I learned very quickly".

M.M Dupont, Ampro Forest Products

"Using and managing EDI was complicated and cumbersome. We needed to add Trading Partners and conduct all EDI testing ourselves. Ever since integrating EDI with DiCentral's solution, everything is much simpler: documents are processed much quicker and data errors are negligible. Thanks to the excellent service provided by DiCentral's team, we do not need to maintain EDI knowledge and have reduced time spent on EDI management by 50%".

S. Miron, Brasseurs RJ / Brasseurs GMT

"Our previous EDI solution did not offer the advantages of having a fully integrated, embedded solution. This caused a number of costly data manipulation errors in and out of ERP. We chose DiCentral's EDI-Integrated Suite for SAP Business One because it is a true ERP integration, one that offers real-time EDI management savings". 

Anu, Regal Ideas

"We could no longer wait three to six months to integrate new Trading Partners. We had to find a new solution. We were looking for a quality solution that was also well priced; we needed a solution that didn't require us a full time EDI expert on staff. We chose DiCentral's SAP Business Suite EDI solution. We have eliminated all delays caused by EDI Trading Partner on boarding, and are now able to promptly integrate, track and respond to all Trading Partner requirements".

G. Petit, Trudeau Corporation

"Logistic Support Unit used to be the logistics department of pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb. We are a 3PL provider specializing in pharmaceutical and medical product distribution. In order to comply with our customer's requirements, we selected DiCentral to integrate EDI to Sage ERP X3. Thanks to the extensive automation capabilities, this integration has enabled us to greatly improve our overall customer service".

A. Fortin, Logistic Support Unit

"We manage several warehouses and QuicksBooks simply couldn't meet our needs anymore. Our EDI was managed through a third party web portal and to much time spent on manually processing data between the two systems. We were looking for automation. We therefore selected DiCentral's EDI-Integrated Suite for SAP Business One, and this decision turned out to be the right one. We have reduced ASN processing time by 50% and this is only the first phase of the project".

Tricia, Razer USA Ltd.

"My expertise resides in starting up companies in the Food and Beverage industry. Following our contribution to the success and development of the company Europe's Best - which was acquired in 2008 - my partners and I decided to found In Foods. The goal was to implement the same winning formula used with Europe's Best: same team, same EDI solution!We selected DiCentral following our acquisition of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Since there are only four of us managing the company, it is a must that we be highly productive thanks to DiCentral's EDI-Integrated Suite for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we are able to operate with the least amount of manual data processing possible".

P. Savastano, In Foods

"EDI at South Shore Furniture was done through an in-house EDI software which meant that we had to create new EDI maps for each client's specific requirements. One we opted to go with SAP¨Business Suite (R/3) and found ourselves without a team to manage EDI processes, we decided to outsource the work to a third party provider.We selected DiCentral because of their integration expertise and their fully managed services. Now that our EDI exchanges are integrated to SAP Business Suite, DiCentral takes care of all specific customer mapping requirements. EDI management is now much simplier, quicker and more importantly, we have limited our initial investments significantly".

B. Bérubé, South Shore Furniture

"We used to manage EDI operations in-house, which inherently meant that we had to manipulate EDI data, manage the addition of new Trading Partners and manage our VAN’s mailbox. Since we were looking to replace our AS/400 based ERP, it was crucial that our EDI exchanges become completely integrated to our new ERP. We knew that this would have a significant impact on our company’s organizational processes. Another criterion that was important to us was the geographical proximity of our new supplier: we wanted to have quick access to technical resources. We therefore selected DiCentral's EDI-Integrated Suite for SAP Business One. Our decision enabled us to free up considerable amounts of time that we can now dedicate to tasks that have more value for our company. Being able to pull resources away from administrative functions has enabled us to generate an immediate Return On Investment".

P. Tansey, Prestilux

"We used to manage EDI in-house: this meant manipulating data, managing tests, adding trading partners, maintaining and supporting applications, and coping with high VAN fees because of high EDI volumes. EDI operations were extremely costly. Ever since using DiCentral's outsourced EDI solutions, we have thoroughly simplified EDI management. We are now able to send and receive EDI transactions directly from our SAP ERP software, as well as to and from other internal application's Electronic Commerce Server, takes care of all transactions: the process is now automated and transparent for us. DiCentral's outsourced EDI solutions have enabled us to greatly reduce costs related to application support and maintenance, to new trading partner management, to communications and to human resources".

J. April, Imperial Tobacco Limited

"Because of high Advance Shipping Notice (ASN), Order and Invoice volumes, we sought out a solution that would greatly reduce our EDI management costs. By selecting DiCentral's EDI-Integrated Suite for SAP ERP (SAP’s Large Enterprise ERP), Order and ASN processing time dwindled from one hour to two minutes. Overall, the time savings are considerable and estimated at 97% thanks to DiCentral's automated processes, minimal human intervention and guaranteed Return On Investment."

J. Gingras, EXFO Inc.

"Our EDI management was not optimal. We were forced to manually process data twice for all orders and invoices: first, through an EDI provider other than DiCentral, and second, in our SAP Business One ERP software. Our EDI workload was constantly increasing. DiCentral's EDI-Integrated Suite for SAP Business One enabled us to optimize all of our EDI processes. Because of DiCentral's tight, embedded integration to SAP Business One, our EDI solution is now fully automated, which has greatly reduced processing time on top of eliminating potential human errors. We have recently created a new entity on the East Coast and, without hesitation, we chose DiCentral's EDI-Integrated Suite for SAP Business One to manage EDI with all of our Trading Partners. Within three months, we have now added 20 new EDI Trading Partners knowing that our EDI solution would support their requirements flawlessly."

J. Go, Solaris Paper

"At Just In Time Apparel, we have come to love our software provided by DiCentral"

Mike Reynolds, Just In Time Apparel



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