Supply Chain Management for the Manufacturing Industry

Within the manufacturing industry, speed, efficiency, compliance, and automation are all necessary components in order to fulfill your organization's main goal: the release of quality products at high volumes. How can you successfully meet these challenges while fulfilling your trading partner demands and strict product quotas?

DiCentral provides a full suite of supply chain products and services for the manufacturing industry that provides greater accuracy and timeliness to manage inventories, forecast and plan, procure materials, fulfill orders, replenish depleted stock, and more. Additionally, our supply chain tools are designed to meet the needs of the entire spectrum of the manufacturing industry, including machinery, materials, hard goods, soft goods, electronics, food products, and more.

No matter if your operation is assemble-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, or job shops, DiCentral's EDI solutions enable you to meet trading partner demands and increase visibility through every aspect of the supply chain-from order to shipment and every step in between.

DiCentral's complete suite of supply chain management tools for the manufacturing industry includes:

    • Order Management
    • Supplier Enablement and Testing
    • Data Translation and Mapping
    • Integration
    • Trading Partner Connectivity
    • Event Notification
    • Inventory Management
    • And more...

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