Supply Chain Management for the Health Care Organizations

EDI integration is not a radical or new concept. The drive to reduce manual processing and minimize costly errors has been a key objective for business organizations as long as EDI has been in existence. To gain control over the supply chain, exchanging transaction data with key trading partners in an automated, integrated, and seamless manner is simply the beginning. To be at its most effective, integrated EDI must provide executive management with a clear, validated means of relating investment in the software, procedures, and countless tasks associated with managing EDI, in concise and quantifiable financial benefits.

For over 12 years, DiCentral has been powering the EDI and data integration of companies around the world. Over 6,000 organizations-including many health care organizations-rely on our suite of software and services to process daily transactions and move critical data between systems.

Our solutions for health care organizations provide you with the tools to face the twin challenges of meeting demands and controlling cost through process automation.

DiCentral's complete suite of supply chain management tools for healthcare organizations includes:

    • Order Management
    • Supplier Enablement and Testing
    • Data Translation and Mapping
    • Integration
    • Trading Partner Connectivity
    • Event Notification
    • Inventory Management
    • And more...

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