Seamless QuickBooks EDI Integration

DiIntegrator for QuickBooks is an advanced solution for seamless integration into QuickBooks Accounting Software. Taking integration a step beyond the typical package, DiIntegrator delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions that is affordable, easy to implement, and highly scalable.

DiIntegrator is a powerful desktop solution that can integrate with QuickBooks for automatic input and synchronization of your EDI data. Our experience with QuickBooks by Intuit ensures quality through rigorous product and satisfaction reviews. DiCentral is dedicated to researching, developing, and implementing the latest QuickBooks protocols to meet your accounting needs.

At DiCentral, we equip you with all the integration tools needed to ultimately save you time and money. Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is available on demand to assist you with training, resources, and questions.

DiIntegrator can seamlessly synchronize EDI data through custom-built Item Synchronization, Customer Synchronization, and Term Synchronization.

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  • Ensure invoice data is accurate and validated before exporting to QuickBooks
  • Prevent manual data entry errors
  • Eliminate costly and unnecessary chargeback fines
  • Allow transparent data migration
  • Liberate valuable resources


  • DiCentral Gold Certified Status with QuickBooks
  • Seamless Integration with QuickBooks, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions
  • Seamlessly push DiIntegrator invoice data into QuickBooks
  • Customizable invoice for easy exporting into QuickBooks

Item Synchronization:

Item information sent from your customer is compatible in QuickBooks with DiIntegrator's custom-built cross reference table. Item Synchronization can ensure UPC codes received from your business partner are exported as item names recognized by QuickBooks.

Customer Synchronization:

When you have multiple trading partners, it is critical that invoices are properly transferred to the appropriate account in QuickBooks. Customer Synchronization provides quick and accurate distribution, eliminating the potential risks associated with improper exporting of data.



Easily synchronize your items, customers, and business terms with DiIntegrator's synchronization processes.

Provide seamless and accurate export of
EDI data into your QuickBooks applications.

View your integrated EDI invoices in QuickBooks.