Automated Data Mapping and Integration

The Challenge of Data

The challenge of managing data in a growing organization is how to minimize silos and how to ensure that data remains consistent, uniform and updated as quickly as possible throughout the multitude of systems that are deployed. The answer to the challenge of managing data is data integration. Taking data from multiple systems, moving it as quickly as technologically feasible between systems and ensuring that it's done correctly and consistently is the promise of data integration.

Power and speed

Tested at over 20,000 records per minute, DiUnite puts enterprise-grade data integration power into the hands of small and mid-sized companies. Additionally, DiUnite provides broad support for data types critical to small and mid-sized companies. It all starts with support for the flat-file format-one of the most widely available and adopted file formats used in corporate back-end systems today. Through DiUnite's support for flat-files, companies can easily add support for ERP systems from SAP, Sage, IFS, Oracle, and many more. Direct ODBC access gives DiUnite users the power and flexibility of integrating directly with a system's database, while enhanced XML support gives you access to one of the most widely deployed and used data formats for web-stores and modern in-house systems.

Flexibility means getting your work done faster

Of course, all this power usually means dealing with ETL schemas that continue to increase in size and cause the data integration performance to suffer. Not with DiUnite. Because of its unique XML-based architecture, DiUnite stores its schemas as XML documents-ensuring small file sizes and fast map execution regardless of the size of the map.

Working quickly is at the heart of DiUnite, and that starts with a unique mapping environment that uses an intermediary EXF format-a way of creating one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many maps using the least number of steps feasible, so you can make quick work of even the largest projects.

Mapping with DiUnite: DiUnite's simple drag-and-drop mapping, any-to-any mapping, and listing of map kits available for major trading partners
DiUnite: trusted by brands you trust

DiCentral DiUnite is powering the data integration frameworks for companies like Flowmaster, CH Powell, Elephant Pharmacy, LaserCycle and countless other mid-sized companies. DiCentral DiUnite brings the power of enterprise-class data integration at a price that even a small business can afford.

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Benefits of DiUnite

Cost savings
  • Small footprint, under 30MB install size
  • Tested at up to 20,000 records per minute
  • Flat-file, XML and ODBC support
  • Pass variables during runtime
  • Maps saved in XML format
  • Export maps for future import and reuse
  • No per CPU or per CPU core fees
Learn more today

Ready to explore the power and flexibility of one of the industry's best ETL and data integration platforms? Then give us a call today to schedule a personalized demonstration or to arrange for an on-site evaluation. See for yourself how DiCentral DiUnite can turn your data integration projects into reality.

Unparalleled support

DiCentral provides you the support you need, when you need it, at rates you can afford, and with the kind of helpful attitude you want when things aren't working. With options ranging from bronze level support to gold and features like fast guaranteed response times and free software upgrades, DiCentral is the company to trust.

DiTranslator vs DiUnite: Which solution best fits your needs?

DiCentral offers two methods of EDI translation:
  • DiTranslator: EDI Translator receives EDI data and provides architecture to manually key the information into in-house systems
  • DiUnite: EDI Translator automatically converts data into a format that is acceptable for the company's ERP or accounting system and then automatically routes the data to that system, with the reverse being true for outgoing transactions.
Free DiUnite Download

DiCentral is currently offering a free version of DiUnite. The DiUnite download includes:

  • 30 days evaluation
  • 1 partner license
  • 1 workstation license
Download it now and try it for free.

Download now to enjoy the following free benefits:

  • Faster order-to-cash cycles
  • Increasing inventory turns for inventory management
  • Lower operational costs
  • Automates process of moving data between systems
  • Scalable
DiUnite Features:
  • Tested at up to 20,000 records per minute
  • XML-based engine for small map sizes and rapid execution
  • Flat-file support
  • ODBC access
  • XML support
  • Import XML schemas
  • Export DiUnite document schemas
  • Import DiUnite document schemas
  • Audit logging
  • One-to-many mapping
  • One-to-one mapping
  • Many-to-many mapping
  • One-click access to all modules
  • Pass variables to maps during execution
  • Enhanced data logging during map execution
  • 30 MB application footprint
  • EXF intermediary format for easier map development
  • One system license regardless of # of CPUs or CPU cores