Compliance Testing

EDI Testing Solution: Go Ahead...Test with Us!

Enterprises commonly test among their trading community to ensure clean and accurate data. Whether testing is required for new upgrades in your merchandising system, adopting new maps, or enhancing your shipping procedures, DiCentral can help.

Our flexible platform provides successful testing environments for today's leading buyer organizations worldwide. Our proven testing methodology gives vendors the ability to meet exclusive shipping and packing requirements for your chosen Order Management Model (OMM). It also extends beyond generic EDI syntax checks to include support for your unique business data guidelines while managing all mandatory transactions.

Through DiTesting you have complete visibility through the entire process. DiTesting is a proven cross industry platform for fast, accurate, and effective EDI testing. Go ahead... Test with us today!

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  • Private label testing environment
  • Scheduled testing meets production timelines
  • Web-hosted display of your unique detailed EDI guidelines and requirements
  • Communication alerts to your vendors
  • Reporting tools for complete visibility
  • Comprehensive testing environment for EDI data (connectivity, data syntax, data content, and work flow)
  • Multiple shipping models accommodated: Drop Shipping, Cross Dock Shipping, Ship-to-Store, and Ship-to-Distribution Center
  • Multiple packing models accommodated: Bulk, Prepack/Assortment, and Pick and Pack
  • On-demand customer support available


  • Easy access at low cost to your vendors
  • Deliver and receive clean EDI data seamlessly
  • All bar code label standards met
  • Instant compliance verification
  • Total visibility of certification process
  • Time and resources allocated more efficiently