DiSmartTurn - Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy inventory management software system that increases visibility and control of all inventory management processes.

Improve Warehouse Visibility and Control

Succeeding in today’s competitive environment requires warehouses to guarantee customer and supplier satisfaction by providing accurate and profitable warehouse processes associated with productivity. Outdated software applications, poor system integration, and bad accounting inventory tracking solutions can result in a lack of inventory visibility and control.  These challenges can prevent warehouse operators from increasing their profitability within and beyond the four walls of a location or multiple warehouses.

DiCentral, a proven leader in on-demand warehouse management solutions helps warehouse operators avoid these challenges that prohibit bottom-line savings. The DiSmartTurn Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides complete visibility on the quantity, location, and status of inventory flowing in and out of a location or multiple warehouses. Designed for quick implementation and ease-of-use, the DiSmartTurn WMS on-demand solution improves employee productivity, reduces inventory costs, and increases customer satisfaction. By implementing DiSmartTurn WMS, warehouse operators automate and manage their inventory warehouse process through one easy-to-use, centralized system.

Centrally Manage Orders to Reduce Costs

DiSmartTurn WMS helps warehouses consolidate and manage all inbound purchase orders across departments through one centralized system to streamline the "procure-to-pay" or "procure to receipt" purchase process. By centrally managing these purchasing processes, warehouse accounting can improve productivity and eliminate duplicate data-entry. In addition to centralizing the inbound order process, DiSmartTurn WMS can integrate to any external accounting system to import orders and export the receipt of an order to the accounting system for payment. Integrating business processes from the back office to the warehouse floor helps streamline the receiving and put-away process by tying receipts to inbound orders. Within the inbound order process, the DiSmartTurn WMS solution also:

  • • Sources available suppliers from historical performance-based rating system
  • • Generates customized purchasing and supplier reports
  • • Automates receiving against inbound orders
  • • Eliminates paper-based purchasing to lower costs
  • • Reconciles orders against errors or short shipments


Automate the Receiving and Put-Away Process to Improve Productivity

The DiSmartTurn WMS receiving and put-away process is designed to ensure a highly efficient receiving environment that allows for greater control in allocating human resources, while eliminating duplicate data entry and errors. DiSmartTurn WMS allows you to capture important information about warehouse inventory such as container numbers, bill of handling, arrival and more. It can be configured to instruct workers to store products either in a default location or many locations throughout the warehouse thereby accelerating the put-away process, improving visibility of actual inventory levels in real-time, and creating an optimized, orderly picking environment.

The final phase of the DiSmartTurn WMS receipt and put-away process is the automated update of purchase orders and inventory status information within DiSmartTurn. This automation eliminates duplicate data-entry while providing accurate and up-to-date inventory control information. The DiSmartTurn WMS receipt and put-away process also:

  • • Receives against multiple purchase orders simultaneously
  • • Receives by inbound order, by product, or without a purchase order (blind)
  • • Automates and assigns inventory to a location for put-away
  • • Views receipts, and configures lists by a variety of filters
  • • Stores products in unique or multiple locations based on bin/inventory characteristics

Achieve Optimal Inventory Control

DiSmartTurn WMS provides accurate and immediate information on the quantity, location, condition, status, and history of inventory in the warehouse at any time. DiSmartTurn WMS makes it easy to provide warehouse operations with precise, up-to-the-minute inventory control information. The DiSmartTurn WMS solution helps organizations decrease order lead time, reduce physical inventory counts, and minimize overstocks and costly stock-outs. The DiSmartTurn WMS solution also: 

  • • Manages locations by capacity and multiple control features
  • • Sets reorder points to automate stock-out reports (blind)
  • • Purchases, stores and sells products in unique and multiple units of measure
  • • Picks and tracks product by serial license numbers or lots
  • • Enables cycle counting by inventory utilization, inventory groups, and locations
  • • Optimizes and adjusts inventory levels in real-time
  • • Views and exports detailed inventory reports

Keep Customer Commitments with Error-free Order Fulfillment

DiSmartTurn WMS offers the ability to maximize the productivity of a company’s sales and warehouse staff by providing a centralized system to manage the flow of inventory from sales order, to pick, to ship, to invoice. With DiSmartTurn WMS, both sales and warehouse operators effectively manage and access the same accurate customer data to fulfill orders quickly and accurately while shortening lead times. DiSmartTurn WMS also allows sales and warehouse operators to:

  • • Check real-time, accurate product availability during order fulfillment through integrated inventory control
  • • Generate pick tickets and shipping documents directly from the sales order
  • • Gain process efficiency with picking rules
  • • View sales order and shipment status from a central view

Integrate Shipping Operations

DiSmartTurn WMS streamlines the shipping process to help deliver excellent customer service while keeping shipping costs under control. With DiSmartTurn WMS, shipments will automatically update inventory levels to provide operations with accurate inventory information. DiSmartTurn WMS allows customers to:

  • • Sort shipments by ID, due dates, and method of delivery
  • • View shipment details in real-time
  • • Integrate shipments with sales orders and picking instructions
  • • Pre-populate customer and shipment details
  • • Verify that inventory automatically exists when creating a shipment
  • • Export a shipment into QuickBooks to trigger an invoice

Increase Productivity with Mobile Computing

The DiSmartTurn WMS mobile computing module is compatible with barcode or RFID (radio frequency identification) data collection and scanning devices that enable warehouse employees to automate data capture and transactions to improve warehouse productivity without disruption. Transitioning from a paper-based system to a wireless warehouse can greatly increase operational accuracy and uncover bottom-line savings. The DiSmartTurn WMS mobile solution also:

  • • Requires no modifications or additional software
  • • Interfaces with wireless technology for purchase orders, sale orders, inventory reports, location and inventory data
  • • Accepts wireless transactions for receipts, picking, load building, shipments, bin transfer, cycle counts and inventory adjustments
  • • Enables accurate real-time inventory by scanning and capturing data on-the-spot


Inherent Value in On-Demand Software

DiSmartTurn’s on-demand architecture enables warehouses to quickly deploy and integrate with front-office and back-office operations. As a managed service, there is no hardware to buy, no software to install, no network to set-up and no technical staff to maintain. As a result, warehouse operators don’t have to worry about system deployments, performance, reliability or upgrades; it’s DiCentral’s worry, not yours.

DiSmartTurn WMS is an affordable solution that grows with you. Warehouses can easily add users, additional warehouses or SKUs with simple and easy-to-use configuration settings. Delivered over the Internet, DiSmartTurn WMS is more cost-effective than traditional software solutions and provides users with an intuitive interface to help increase employee adoption. The DiSmartTurn WMS solution:

  • • Eliminates IT headaches
  • • Improves reliability and scalability
  • • Provides real-time information
  • • Integrates easily with computer hardware


DiSmartTurn WMS Benefits:

  • • Increase customer satisfaction
  • • Improve employee productivity
  • • Eliminate paperwork, data entry
  • • Eliminate maintenance and upgrade costs
  • • Reduce inventory costs
  • • Automate warehouse operations
  • • Avoid stock-outs
  • • Centralize visibility
  • • Compatible with wireless technology
  • • Gain immediate ROI
  • • Complete back-office integration
  • • Quick implementation

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