DiMetrics - Supply Chain Management Solution

EDI Metrics Solution: Prevent costly occurrences before they occur

In order to maintain or improve customer service you need to respond quickly to consumer demand. DiMetrics is a hosted transaction visibility solution, helping you manage critical exceptions and share information more effectively by monitoring retail business-to-business transactions. Are goods being shipped on time and complete? Are invoices being billed correctly? Do your customers alert you of poor supply chain performance or do you alert yourself? How many exceptions do you have with one carrier versus another? Which factories continually struggle with capacity or miss shipping windows? Can this information be captured, measured, and used to collaborate with all parties in your extended supply chain? It is critical to be able to pinpoint where your goods are located, have concrete knowledge on the shipment's location, and anticipate what items will be delivered to that location, and when it will arrive-DiMetrics delivers this and more.

What DiMetrics Does:
  • Event Management: Provides definition and order to the significant occurrences within your global supply chain.
  • Exception Management: Provides conditional alerts on customer defined metrics such as ship dates, vessels, etc. Delivery available via static web, email and mobile platforms (i.e. text message).
  • Supplier & Carrier Metrics: Measures trading partner fill rates, and performance based on your KPI's KPIs (Key Performance Indicator)-track metrics based on events throughout your supply chain (i.e. late shipments, short-ship, late arrivals, etc.).

Purchase Order Status Report

DiMetrics global integrated system provides timely, online and scheduled status reports from factories, carriers and forwarders to help improve operational speed and efficiency. Receiving continuous, real-time feedback from your trading partners enables you to assess supply chain events before goods leave the factory. Collaborate and illuminate orders that are in exception and take corrective action. With more of your supply chain being outsourced today, it is important to have a tool like DiMetrics you can depend on for complete visibility and quality customer service. DiMetrics is the only reporting solution incorporating sales, sourcing, and sourcing activity in one packaged offering.

Supply and Demand Visibility
  • Identify top performing locations across all your retailers, factories, and transportation providers
  • Identify top performing locations across all your 3PL (Third Party Logistics) providers
Metric Management
  • Establishes enterprise-defined conditional and comparative thresholds that measure performance and "trigger" exception management processes
Event Management
  • Assigns chronology to significant occurrences throughout the extended supply chain according to enterprise business policies
Metric Services
  • Provides conditional alerts based on customer defined metrics (Delivery available via web and email)
Web-Centric Role-Based Security
  • Define permissions, views, and delivery of data based on pre-authorized user roles
Supply Analysis
  • Track items by order, by container, by shipment
  • Monitor current manufacturing and logistics performance
  • Create scorecards based on historical performance
  • Collaborate with manufacturers to optimize supply chain execution
Familiar Report Format
  • All reports are delivered in widely familiar Microsoft Excel table format
Report Distribution
  • Reports regularly and consistently "pushed" to desktop or device via email or FTP link
  • Distribute reports according to roles to include staff from production, sales, logistics, as well as your clients if desired
  • Optionally, drill down, create new view add comments, then distribute reports to "outside" addresses

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