Greater Visibility and Controlled Sharing for Third Party Logistics Providers

With the DiClarity Web Portal, 3PLs can Customize and Control Sharing of Reports for Customers, Partners, and 3PLs' Internal Use The DiClarity web portal enables you to share data with external and internal parties concerning important aspects of your relationship, including product movement, inventory changes, credit card purchase history, shipment activity, and more. DiClarity provides you with a centralized portal, allowing you to monitor the status of orders every step of the way-from order fulfillment, transportation of goods, order matching and finally invoice history. Built on Microsoft .Net technology, DiClarity unlocks data typically trapped in ERPs and legacy warehouse management systems, enabling you to share information across boundaries-thus providing a substantial competitive advantage.

DiClarity Reports
  • 3PL enterprise-wide visibility across all customers/partners
  • Allows each customer and partner access to their specific dataset
  • Reports are customizable by both customer and partner
  • Provides customer-specific visibility
  • Provides partner-specific visibility
  • Provides multi-level customer's customer view

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  • Web-based reporting system displays multiple report types:
    • Complete sales tax report
    • Detailed customer service reports
    • Continuity analysis reports
    • Custom reports
  • Full tracking of sales by source, product, demographics and payment method
  • Sorts ascending or descending
  • Role-based accounts with customizable views
  • Subtotaling
  • Filters available for any column
  • Downloads in CSV and Excel format (viewable in Excel, Access or a variety of other programs)


  • Visibility improves customer service
  • Leverage the value of data locked within legacy systems
  • Provides customers the ability to make better business decisions
  • Increase customer retention through better service
  • Build a reputation for EDI compliance to earn more business