Rollout EDI Services Fast & Effectively

Organizations have a variety of EDI initiatives that impact the supply chain. These include enabling non-compliant EDI vendors, introducing new EDI documents, testing upgrades to existing EDI procedures, expanding current relationships, and more.

Whatever your EDI requirements, DiEnablement offers a wide suite of services to expand your supply chain initiatives. Our proven enablement process enables you to roll out new EDI initiatives quickly and cost-effectively to your vendors. Backed by our expert team of EDI specialists, we have years of experience running successful supplier enablement programs for organizations worldwide.

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  • Rollout program identifies target vendors and prioritizes EDI needs.
  • Rapid messaging properly informs and advises vendors on your requirements.
  • Online status reports with 24/7 accessibility.
  • Customized website designed for your specific EDI initiative (in depth posting of your program information, communication documents and standards).
  • Maximum vendor visibility through proprietary web-hosted CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution.
  • Tailored EDI testing through DIcompliance Network.
  • Multiple shipping models accommodated: Drop Shipping, Cross Dock Shipping, Ship-to-Store, and Ship-to-Distribution Center.
  • Multiple packing models accommodated: Bulk, Prepack/Assortment, and Pick and Pack.
  • On-demand customer support available.
  • Maximize new vendor EDI adoption rates.
  • Successful enablement with minimum risks.
  • No disruption to you or your partner's operations.
  • Minimal set-up time.
  • Implement multiple EDI initiatives without additional staff or resource demands.
  • Time and resources allocated more efficiently.