DiCentral DiTMP Services

Trust your data to our fast, secure, and reliable Value-Added Network service

DiTMP, DiCentral Value-Added Network (VAN) Services powers users around the world to quickly and securely exchange EDI documents across their supply chains using the communication protocols and standards relied on the most, including FTP, AS2, ANSI X12, and EDIFACT. With DiCentral DiTMP Services, which can be packaged as part of the implementation of our supply chain solutions and services, you get the most advanced capabilities available in today's market:

Flexible communication options

AS2, FTP, and more—if you use it, chances are we support it.

Outstanding reliability

Your files will be delivered quickly and safely with a success rate that you can count on.

Security that's second to none

Your data will be encrypted with best practice standards throughout the data flow.

Simple trading partner onboarding

With DiCentral DiTMP Services, onboarding new trading partners is a simple, streamlined process.

World-class customer support

Our award winning customer support is ready to answer questions or resolve issues when you need assistance.

For a complete integration solution that provides everything your organization needs for a seamless exchange of data throughout your entire supply chain, DiCentral's DiVAN Services can be packaged with offerings such as:

  • DiConnect — Supports all any-to-any connectivity through DiCentral's communications environment including FTP, AS2, VAN Services, etc.
  • DiUnite — Enterprise-grade data mapping and integration solution that automatically converts data into a format that is acceptable for the user's ERP or accounting system and then automatically routes the data to that system, with the reverse being true for outgoing transactions.
  • DiTranslator — EDI translation solution that enables the user to transform EDI data to and from the different formats used by their organization.
  • DiEnablement — Outreach program designed to support the vendor compliance initiative established by a buying organization.
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Program:
DiCentral's business continuity plan is managed by the use of high-availability redundant hardware, software, and communication systems. DiCentral systems are configured for automatic and immediate failover in the event of a component failure. The net result is that the user will not experience any downtime. In the event of an unplanned service interruption, DiCentral customer support personnel will notify customers promptly.

The DiCentral Network operates from a world-class hosting facility, which assures DiCentral DiTMP Services customers of a reliable, flexible service to manage mission-critical data exchange and communications needs. The data center is based in Houston, Texas. Our primary and secondary data centers employ the following capabilities to ensure high availability:

  • 24x7 monitoring
  • Multiple fiber trunks
  • Redundant power.
  • Backup generators
  • Fire suppression
  • Seismic racks
  • 24x7 security
  • HVAC cooling
  • Raised floors
  • Smoke detection
  • Motion sensors

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Can the solution support archiving?

Can I set up VI addressing from the GUI?
Yes, you can manipulate your ISA ID.

Can I see an audit trail of events from the GUI?
Yes, you can trace the delivery of the documents and can see if the delivery was successful or not; if the delivery fails, you can see where the fail occurred.

Can I get alerts from the GUI?
Yes, you can set up and control the alerts.

How many users can I have on the GUI?
As many as you like.

Does the solution support X12.56 Interconnect Mailbag Control Structures?

How many other VANs are you connected to?  We have interconnects with most major VANs. 

Does the solution support store and retrieve? Store and push?
DiCentral VAN Service supports both stored documents in the user's VAN Services mailbox and delivered documents.